Stevens' Intramural Softball Rules

On days of inclement weather, call after 4:00pm for cancellation information at the IM/REC Office 216-811
Ten fielders constitute a team. A team may start a game with a minimum of eight. If a team has more than 10 players on a roster they may use them as designated hitters at the end of the line up.
Games are 7 innings of regular play or conclude at the end of 5 or more innings if one team is ahead by 10 or more runs. A game will not run longer than 45 minutes.
A coin flip will determine "home team." Captains should mutally agree on field and ground rules.
Participants are permitted to wear rubber-cleated shoes. Metal cleats are not permitted.
Bunting, stealing, and leaving base before the ball crosses the plate are not permitted.
Catchers must wear facemask.
A re-entry rule will be in effect. A player may re-enter only in his original batting position.
Runners are prohibited from crashing into the fielder who has possesion of the ball. The ball is dead and the runner is ruled out and is also ejected from the game. Sliding is permitted.
All runners will advance one base on an over-throw.
If a base moves from it's designated location the focus of the play remains at the designated location and runner will be safe.

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