So you have decided to donate your time to a volunteer organization!

Congratulations; I was at one time equally as ambitious to help provide a service based on one of my competencies in order to make others better. As you embark on your journey keep in mind that all we have is time and whether you are teaching or producing a tangible product: it is the time that is donated that matters.

Unfortunately, some feel that your time is not worth anything.

Unfortunately, once you donate your time, people seem to view you as having time to waste.

An example that I like to use is an experience I have had with the Little League Organization in my town. Just out of college I don't have any kids, but I thought, perhaps, I could donate time to a local softball team and maybe make some girls better ball players, or at least have fun trying. I very much enjoyed the practices, the games, the racking of the fields, the lining of the fields, the developing strategies, making decisions, etc. What I did not enjoy was that months after the season was over I received a letter from an attorney. I was subpoenaed as a witness in a criminal trial pertaining to one of my player's parents. The details of the trial are inconsequential, but I spent more than two full-days of work driving to the court house and sitting there, waiting. Finally on the third court date I gave testimony that can be summed up as follows, "I was the softball coach for their daughter." This was such a major inconvenience that I have been totally disillusioned and have vowed not to actively take part in the Little League organization until I have children of my own, if they choose to play baseball.