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Welcome to Jeff Beeden's Website. Now that you are here I have decided to greet you with the infamous greeting from the "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy," "DON'T PANIC." Please notice that these words are in large, friendly letters. This website will be far more extensive in the future, for now all I can offer you is some fun to poke around with...

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Now that you are at my website you probably noticed that the name is Joeseffus. Well let me explain to you where the name Joeseffus comes from. There is a British movie called Bernard and the Genie, which is an excellent flick. In the movie the genie's name is Joeseffus and below you can see a picture of Joeseffus' head floating around.


Jeff Beeden


I have recently graduated from Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, NJ, where I majored in Mechanical Engineering. In my spare time I have begun a graduate degree here at Stevens Institute of Technology and plan on continuing my schooling in the field of Technology Management.


Last spring I wrote a paper on The Future of Nuclear Power for the International Conference on Nuclear Engineering in Tokyo, Japan this past April. I spent a 10 days in Japan touring nuclear facilities and attending the three day conference in Tokyo. During the conference I presented my paper on the Future of Nuclear Power. Take a look it is in Adobe Acrobat format so everyone can read it. The paper is not long, nor is it intensive, just have fun while reading.


I was born in a small shore town called Point Pleasant, NJ. I have found an excellent job at Becht Engineering in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ. At Becht Engineering I have designed numerous HVAC systems for commercial and industrial buildings. I also have designed some Electrical systems for commercial buildings. In addition to design work, I have performed Mechanical and Electrical surveys on buildings.


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