The Journey Begins

You are 21 years old. You have just finished four grueling years at an esteemed Engineering College. Although you are 21, in many ways your life starts today, graduation day. You are sitting in the gym waiting to hear your name called. Slowly but surely the speaker is making his way to your name. You hear your name and stand, walk down the aisle, and obtain the degree that has been waiting for you. Your moment of glory now starts fading as you walk back to your seat, you realize you have no job and nowhere to go once the ceremony is over. You look to your newfound friend, your degree, for help. You begin to read it, Bachelor's of Engineering... Glorious Day... Congratulations... The regular form of a degree, then you get down to the last paragraph, it reads:

"You have been slacking long enough. Now it is time to make some decisions. What are you going to do with your life? Well first I need you to answer this simple question, what year do you wish to graduate in, 1903 or 2003?"

To you this seems like the most ridiculous question, after all it is 2000, you are the class of 2000, your degree says so. Just to play along you...


Yell out, "I want to see the future! 2003, here I come!"

Say, "1903 was an interesting time, I want to graduate then!"