People around you begin to move faster and faster, it looks awkward, but they move quite rapidly. 

All the people and objects blur around you all you can see clearly is the degree you hold in your hand.  It is the only constant in this chaos around you. 

Slowly though, you see the date on your degree changing.  The 2000 changes to a 2001.  A short time later the date reaches 2002.  Your environment slows down and you can begin to see again.  

Time and space are becoming coherent again as your degree reaches the year 2003.  You are sitting in the same gym; there are people around you with similar robes to the one you are wearing. 

It is the small differences that you notice first, such as the light fixtures.  They are no longer the yellow high-pressure sodium lamps; they are now metal halide lamps.  The new lamps offer much better color rendering than the lamps you are used to.  You finally realize you are in the year 2003.

You look down at your degree and say, “Wow!” There is another paragraph added to the degree. “Now that you are in 2003, you must choose a profession to go into. 

Choose a career, but choose wisely.”

Your choices are listed below.