Time seems to freeze then slowly everything starts to go into reverse.  Everything blurs together except for your degree. 

You can see the degree clearly, and your year of graduation now says 1999!  Slowly the change in the year accelerates and it goes, 1998, 1997 faster and faster. 

At about 1910 the years start to slow down and you can see the same blur you saw just a second ago.  Everything seems to be settling into place, the blur slows down and you reach the year 1903. 

You are sitting in the same gym; there are people around you with similar robes to the one you are wearing. 

It is the small differences that you notice first, such as the light fixtures.  They are some type of gas flame.  Then you realize you really are in 1903. 

You are now part of the graduating class of 1903.  For a second you realize that everything is not Black and White like you envisioned the past.  Then you threw that notion aside as stupid.

You look down at your degree and say, “Wow!” There is another paragraph added to the degree. “Now that you are in 1903, you must choose a profession to go into. 

Choose a career, but choose wisely.”

Your choices are listed below.